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Since November 2009 disability campaigner, Chris Jeffery, chairperson of Mending The Gap has been running a campaign for ‘Short Notice Carers Leave.’

” If there were a carers leave they could have choice and freedom and control, so as to avoid having to struggle and finally be equal as other sectors of society.”


Introducing   Chris Jeffery

“ The NHS and public authorities allow their staff five days paid carers/family leave and we are campaigning to get the same allowance for other carers in private sector employment to avoid jeopardising the needs of the person they care for.. “

Chris Jeffery is an Equality & Diversity practitioner

Chris has over the years fought to ensure that his disability is not seen as a barrier to employment, he has had various occupations ranging from Call Centre Worker to Postal Worker to Police Civilian Worker.

Mending The Gap is campaigning for equality

for working carers and for them to be allowed

paid leave to help in cases of emergency and

to avoid them having to take unpaid leave or

use holiday entitlement.

Another of Mending The Gap’s aims is to Provide information and advice about equality and diversity within the umbrella and F.R.E.D.A Principles of Human Rights. (F.R.E.D.A Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy).

Nobody can afford to take unpaid leave in the present economic situation and as people may already be aware, all carers across the country are in the same situation. Not all carers are paid carers and not all  carers get the carers allowance. Having to take the person you care for to hospital isn't without cost so why should Working Family Carers still be only allowed UNPAID LEAVE.


For An Equal Society

A Carer Is A Carer No Matter What Age They Are

The above photo was taken at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Carers Meeting on 27th October. Those in the photo are Dawid Konotey-Ahulu (Founder of Mallowstreet), Sue Allison (Carers lead for the MS Society) Emily Holzhausen (Carers UK) and our chair. Dame Philippa Russell is also in the photo but behind Julie Cooper (MP Burnley) and promoter of Park the Charges Bill to exempt Carers from hospital parking charges.

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Mending The Gap are pleased to announce that Roy Hudd OBE has agreed to become our patron.

Roy Hudd OBE

Mending The Gap ~  Working for support to our carers   |  2014

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Our Chair Chris Jeffery with one of our supporters Dawid Konotey-Ahulu,
joint founder of Redington the independent pensions and insurance
advisory group.

Roy has confirmed that the "Afternoon with Roy and Debbie" in aid of Mending The Gap will be taking place early in 2019.

The event today at Blue Town was the same show.