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Mending The Gap ~  Working for support to our carers   |  2014

For An Equal Society

A Carer Is A Carer No Matter What Age They Are

Membership of Mending The Gap is open to any individual or organisation.

Equality is a limited resource in practice during this current climate.

Carers have long been seen secondary to needs of parents, In the last twenty years childcare issues have been fully addressed now it should be time to address the needs of those who need help.

* If a fixed ‘carers leave’ could be established it would allow carers to re-enter the employment market.

* Private sector workers have the right to paid leave when absolutely necessary the same as the NHS allows its staff.

* We believes that carers should be able to remain in employment while managing their caring responsibilities.

* Not all carers are paid carers and not all carers get the carers allowance.

* The NHS and public authorities allow their staff five days paid carers/family leave.

* We have the support of Dame Philippa Russell (standing commissioner for carers) backing our campaign.