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A few months ago our chairperson Chris Jeffery and his wife Jenny were interviewed by their local ITV News station concerning our organisation’s work in raising awareness of the needs for Carers Leave. Jenny was interviewed as Chris’ s carer and isn’t involved in any part of our organisation’s work.

Watch Chris & Jenny’s interview with the local ITN news.

Click on their photograph to watch the full interview.

The Carers Strategy closed on the 31st July and we await the government's reply to this.

Further meetings and events are due to take place over the coming months with the aim of highlighting Mending The Gap’s work and how a Carers Leave Policy is something not to be afraid of and not a burden to companies as some may see it.

Mending The Gap now have the support of Carers First in Kent & Medway, COB Foundation (Cystitis & Overactive Bladder Foundation) and the MS Society alongside this both COB Foundation and Carers First have agreed to become associate members of our organisation.

With Mending The Gap now three years old, we are still striving to ensure that working carers finally get the recognition they deserve and finally achieve equality alongside other working sectors of society and continue to ensure that everyone is aware of the inequality that exists for carers.

Our website will be updated to keep everyone informed of what Mending The Gap is doing in its campaigning and fundraising.

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Here is an article written article for our MTG website from Julie Cooper MP concerning the needs of working family carers.

“ Three out of every five people in Britain will at some time in their life become a carer. Many of these will be unpaid and will, as a result of their caring role, experience financial hardship. Many will themselves become ill because of the pressures placed on them and for the majority social isolation is a fact of life. The big question for our time is: Who cares for carers? The reality is that support of any kind is in short supply. Carers need both financial and emotional support and they also need time to care. This so often entails finding an understanding employer. Each time I visit a company I always ask to see their carers’ policy. This request prompts some interesting answers and of course the majority of employers have no such policy. There are a handful of outstanding exceptions eg. British Gas but these are few and far between. Significant change is unlikely to happen without direct Government intervention. The current administration seems to have little sympathy with the lot of carers and I fear direct legislation to support working carers is unlikely to be introduced. This was demonstrated very clearly last year when the government refused to back my bill to remove the burden of hospital car parking charges for carers. Following my bill, hospital guidelines were amended to recommend free car parking for carers. No doubt in similar circumstances when pushed the government may recommend that employers take account of their employees caring responsibilities. Sadly ‘ recommend’ is just not good enough.”